“If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”

Toni Morrison is right.

The conversation on what it means to be single is largely littered with judgement and a lack of depth, so in the spirit of writing what has not been written, this blog exists.

The Tended Garden offers smart perspective on being over 30 and single. 

Individual experiences profoundly shape our lives in unique ways, which is why cookie-cutter advice isn't helpful. With respect for individuality, readers are not told how to reshape their unique single experience into something unoriginal.

I hope that alone gives you peace you after (probably) years of enduring unsolicited and well-meaning, but deeply misguided advice on someone else's idea about what’s best for your life. 

Besides, it is my belief that the best singles advice is that which promotes personal evolution--growth, self-love and respect, and doing good in the world.


The Tended Garden is positive, honest, and written with a great deal of humility.

Tending to your garden is about being productive--tending to yourself, your needs, your growth, your happiness, and your peace. It calls for you to water, feed, and toil your garden with the right messages, the right people, and the right perspective to produce a life that is healthy and lush. 

In 1759, famous French writer, Voltaire, was wise to observe that the plunder of kings could not compare with the productive and peaceful life of those who tended to their own gardens.


I want to read truthful articles that affirm me. Stories that don’t make being single an indictment of wrongdoing (or marriage proof of rightdoing). Just messages that respect and honor where I am at this time in my life. 

The Tended Garden offers an alternative perspective to negative messaging and statistics that are pervasive in heavily-circulated media. Readers should feel empowered to reject negative messages and to define their own lives.

My blog is a place where there's fresh air to breathe and enjoy life's journey.  

No matter your status--single, married, or complicated--I believe we're all trying to figure out our best lives. As singles, let's enjoy this special time in our lives. The time where we are busy tending to our gardens.