My professional background is in marketing and communications.
My personal background is in
pop culture, movie line reciting,
and minor thrill seeking.

At 5 years old,
Michael Jackson performed on Motown 25 tv special. I decided right then and there that I wanted to marry him. That didn't work out, but...

...In the 6th grade, 
I found a new love. I received a journal and have been writing ever since. 

And then 20-something years later,
Google was invented.

Google This: Why you are still single

Did you see them? 3-, 6-, 11-, 14-, and even a whopping 44-mistakes-you're-making type articles.

I'm here to assure you that any mistakes you make as a single person are the same mistakes people in relationships make. Mistakes won't keep you out of a relationship just as perfection won't keep you in one.

Maybe you're not single because you make mistakes. Maybe you're single because it's not your time in life to be anything else.

Whatever you're feeling, good or a little restless, it's very possible I've been there, too. Either way, let me offer you this: as a single person, at this time in your life, you're sitting on an opportunity. A peaceful opportunity to tend to your garden.

Every week, once a week, I'll be right there with you planting new seeds and pulling out weeds.