This One Tip Will Save You From Stressing When You Travel Solo

This One Tip Will Save You From Stressing When You Travel Solo

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Traveling solo this year?

Here's a safety tip that'll help you rest easy in your room at night.

Budget is a major concern for solo travelers. When you're a cost-conscious traveler and book a room through sites like or AirBnB, you may find yourself in a hotel room with an adjoining door to the neighboring room or in a bedroom with a flimsy lock. Either scenario will make you uncomfortable, especially if switching rooms isn't an option. Do this one thing to feel safe in your room.

TIP: Invest in a portable door lock kit for added security.

Check out portable locks on Amazon, Etsy, and other sites. Add it to your list of things you never travel without!


Solvang Lock.jpg

I took this picture of my lock kit on the door from inside my room at the Atterdag Inn hotel in Solvang, CA. Remember my Highway 1 trip?

It takes effort to jimmy this on before locking in place (that's the point) because of the jagged-edged design, so it's near impossible to get through this contraption from the opposite side of the door.

My recommendation: get the kit with the locking device for maximum protection, as pictured here, and not the other version (without a locking device) featured in the below video that you should check out.

It's less than $30 and worth every dime.

See more photos on Etsy.


I haven't tried the locks picture below, but plan to purchase the Traveler's Security Lock for janky doors that don't fit flush against their door trims (I'm sure "janky" is somewhere in the dictionary).

Superior Travel Lock Kit

Traveler's Security Lock

Wishing you happy and safe travels!

Photo credits: The Tended Garden, Amazon, Pexels