Do This Now If You Want To Get Your Mind And Body Right

Do This Now If You Want To Get Your Mind And Body Right


It's simple, but here we are overweight, tired, and toxic. Suffering from inflammation, indigestion, and adult acne.

Each ailment carries it's own story and unique solutions, and though I don't know the details, here's what I'm sure of: soda won't help. Neither will wine or coffee. "Like hell it won't help!" is what you're thinking. But before we digress, let's stay on hydration for a minute.

You've heard it before: Water makes up over 66% of human body weight. Our entire system depends on presence of H20. From body lubrication (eye balls, chewing, swallowing, joints) to waste removal, your body depends on you to treat it well.

If you're one of the rare people who stays away from water because you swear it has a taste ("nasty"), then this fix is for you.

If you think that water is hella boring, then you might get on board after trying this.

Or, if you don't make drinking water a habit as much as you do fruit juice, then this just might be the thing to turn it around. 

It's called detox water.

The magic is mostly in the drinking of the water itself, but throw in the acidity and flavor of lemons, limes, and oranges, and it gives your digestion and immune system a boost. Spice the water with fresh mint and rosemary, and it'll reduce inflammation and heal skin conditions. Drop in some strawberries to up the minerals. And keep your muscle tissue healthy while strength training with silica that occurs in cucumbers.

I've been drinking detox/spa water for years now. Admittedly, I struggle to drink as much water as I should and occasionally suffer for it with fatigue or bloating, but I prefer these naturally-flavored waters over plain water on most days.


From my kitchen to yours, here are my favorite four detox water recipes, plus a bonus recipe for a low-sugar soda alternative, that will help you begin to balance mind, body, and hydrated soul. Try them and let me know what you think.

See all recipes and tips written below. 


Sliced: Lemons, Limes, Cucumbers. Sprig: Mint. 

This is my ride-or-die recipe for fast weight loss. This recipe is best paired with exercise for rapid shed. Be sure to rub the mint a bit before you put it in the water. This releases mint oil.


Sliced: Oranges, Lemons, Cucumbers. 

Does really this work? I can't tell, but the colors make me happy so maybe the "energy" doesn't refer to stamina, but to mood. And that it does lift.


Sliced: Strawberries. Sprig: Rosemary. 

Drink this fast. The rosemary can be overpowering if you let it sit for more than a day.  


Sliced: Apples, Cucumbers, Lemons. Sprig: Mint. 1/2 TBSP: Apple Cider Vinegar.

The apple cider vinegar will cure whatever is ailing you! Gird up your loins, then guzzle. Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss because it makes you feel full, so your appetite is suppressed. As for digestion, the mint helps with that. Remember to rub it before dropping it into your drink to release the mint oil.


Juiced and Sliced: Lime, Lemon. TSP: Honey (or to taste). Pour: Sparkling Water.

A friend told me about this, sans honey which I added. I tried it and liked it. Before you go snatching the honey back out of the recipe, remember that honey is a natural laxative. That's a good thing. Use the sweetener in moderation. This is a great soda alternative!


  • Add fresh ginger to any of the recipes for an anti-inflammatory and digestion boost.
  • Add a cinnamon stick to lower blood sugar levels.
  • All recipes in video use one 16-oz bottle of water.

Water is essential as are you. Hydrate.

Photo credit: Boss Fight