What's Happening Here This Fall

What's Happening Here This Fall



If you live in Houston you wouldn't know it's fall--it's still in the high 80's for goodness sake--but it is. Fall, the time for planning for the next season and gathering harvest from the last. For those reasons, fall is both contemplative and bountiful.

In celebration of my favorite season, I interviewed some brilliant people on a cornucopia of topics that'll help our future harvests. It'll be the editorial equivalent of warm pumpkin lattes, rich bursts of colors, and fuzzy, soft throw blankets.

Here's some of what we'll learn from those who've been there and conquered:

  • How to get through a tough season in life
  • Thoughts on forgiveness
  • How to purchase a home and invest in real estate
  • Thanks to a reader who responded to the 3-question survey (Thank you!), how to transition from single to being in a relationship

It starts next week and I can't wait. Maybe the weather will have cooled down in Houston by then. Let's hope so!


A reader who responded to my quick 3-question survey prompted me to sit down with a dear friend, who after exhausting the dating scene got married in her thirties, and ask "So how do we successfully transition into a long-term committed relationship after years of being single, footloose and fancy-free?" She had a lot to say!

Thanks to all who responded, but if you haven't taken the survey yet, please stop everything you're doing to do it now. It will most likely take 3 minutes out of your life. Since the survey is all about what you want, it'll be the best 3 minutes of your life.

Click hereABOUT YOU

Oh, and don't be surprised if you receive a personal email from me about this.


This past week I sat on a panel for a discussion on "What Men REALLY Want" hosted by James Martin. My answer to the question about what men really want? Hint: There's something more important. I'll give my full answer a little later. 

This event sparked a lot of conversation and some unexpected issues that popped up. Cheating being one. We talked about cheating for longer than I expected, but it was on the minds of audience members, so I took it to heart. There was also talk about taking sexy and/or naked selfies that was as entertaining as it was sincere. My advice: just don't show your face!

I took lots of notes while I was there and look forward to writing on a few topics and comments that came from this event.

For now, here are a few photos.


Can we go back for a minute? Honestly, it's been one of those weeks. The good and the interesting--The A Through Z's Of Single Life.


Cover photo credit: Pexels

Candid photo credits: James Martin and N.M.J.