Singles' Most Hated Holiday. 9 Reasons To Love It

Singles' Most Hated Holiday. 9 Reasons To Love It

You won't get an argument from me. There's a lot to detest about Valentine's Day. 

From cellophane-wrapped baskets to plush animals and chalky candy, any discriminating human being can be repelled by a holiday partially dedicated to bad taste. Single or not, it can be difficult see what's great about this day while navigating through a dense forest of foil balloons tied with wispy, curly ribbons floating from the ceiling at the entrance of the grocery store.

I would go into the history of Valentine's Day, but it doesn't matter. How all this came to be would bore you, trust me. Plus, it won't make you a fan of the holiday if you aren't already. And personally, I'm not charmed by stories of Valentine saints.

What's interesting to me is how marketers transformed by-gone pagan festivals into modern-day showers for any-level relationships and romances. Contemporary, learned people are suckered each year into buying into the retailer's money-grab. Even Beats by Dre is advertising rose gold headphones (which are dope, by the way) inspired by the holiday.

My eyes are wide open. I understand that retail psychology is working me over and I anticipate holiday marketing ploys. Yet, despite all the reasons to despise Valentine's Day, especially when I have no romance to shower, I love it!

Valentine's Day is simply the perfect holiday.


Like, seriously. Valentine's Day is the perfectly assembled holiday, even if it is grossly commercialized because, all the things that bring you the most happiness based on your tastes in people, places, and things, are pulled together, without obligations to friends, family, and co-workers like other holidays.  

It is a curated holiday of your own making.

While retailers tend to focus on romantic love, because that's where the biggest profit potential exists, Valentine's Day's central theme is the way you wish to express it.

To focus on love is the focus on the virtues of patience, kindness, humility, honor, generosity, and honesty, none of which are tied to romance.

If you aren't a fan of Valentine's Day, at least consider the 9 reasons why I love it. Maybe you'll find the perfection of this day and come to love it as well, or to just be cool with it.


9 Reasons To Love Valentine's Day

Meghan Dougherty via CC Flickr

Meghan Dougherty via CC Flickr


All things in moderation, including hearts. I love heart shapes. Everyone does. They're featured in popular emoticons. It's a nice go-to doodle in meetings. And look at the like button at the bottom of my posts. What is it? A heart. Boom. 

cobalt123 via CC Flickr

cobalt123 via CC Flickr


Pastel colors is one of the reasons I love Easter and pretty much everything Crockett and Tubbs wore on Miami Vice. When red is cooled down to pink, it goes from passionate to dreamy. Victoria's Secret built a multi-million dollar brand around the color. They can't be wrong...

Benjamin Linh VU  via CC Flickr

Benjamin Linh VU via CC Flickr

3. PJs

...Speaking of Victoria's Secret. I never met a pretty pajama set that I didn't like. I know Valentine's Day is associated with lingerie, but I take liberties where I like. If I see cute pjs on sale, all I hear is "Be Mine."

Elsie Hull via CC Flickr

Elsie Hull via CC Flickr


The idea that this holiday is tied to consuming sweets makes me want to hug myself. To be clear, this is a win for humanity. This is a win for dessert-lovers in a similar way that Thanksgiving is a win for everyone who love side dishes.

Bryan Ledgard via CC Flickr

Bryan Ledgard via CC Flickr


I buy flowers for my home. Flowers wallpaper my laptop. The Tended Garden's homepage hosts a sea of yellow wild flowers, not to mention the site name refers to a garden. I used to blow dandelions and make flower crowns as a child. I think you get it. I have a thing for flowers.

duncan c via CC Flickr

duncan c via CC Flickr

6. FOOD!

There is nothing to envy about crowded restaurants. I'd rather eat at my favorite taco food truck next to Alabama Ice House in Montrose than go to a packed restaurant. And that's no disrespect to the taco truck. You aren't obligated to go to a packed restaurant, but to enjoy foods you love.

Robert S. Donovan  via  CC Flickr

Robert S. Donovan via CC Flickr


Not just perfumes and colognes, but scented soaps and candles, too. Even potpourri in a pretty satchel passes on Valentine's Day. Perhaps it's a nod to things smelling as roses when you're in love that scent plays into this day, but it works.

Save the Date Projects  via  CC Flickr

Save the Date Projects via CC Flickr


...and the pens, envelops, and wax seals that go with it. In the tradition of the holiday, we express our love in writing, though now we buy those expressions in greeting cards. Nevertheless, pens and beautiful paper are something to look forward to using even on a normal day.


Fabiana Zonca  via  CC Flickr

Fabiana Zonca via CC Flickr

I distinctly remember getting little gifts--heart-shaped puff stickers, pink and red pencils, and blush-colored writing paper--from my parents as a child on an occasional Valentine's Day. There was an undeniable sweetness behind the tokens that made me feel special, but most of all loved. 

It's easy to buy into the world's idea that Valentine's Day is between two people in love instead of buying into the idea of simply loving, which takes only one person to do. 

The act of loving as a single person can include indulging ourselves with small things that bring us joy and send a message that life is good. If you need a reason to do something slightly indulgent for yourself, this is it.

Saint Valentine's Day is a day for honoring things that make us blissfully happy and in doing so--in showing ourselves love--we are generating feelings that trickle down to everything. Everything and everyone we love.


Photo credit: Jessicahtam via CC Flickr