OMG, You're So Cute! Why Are You Single?

OMG, You're So Cute! Why Are You Single?

I've been on a roll for the passed few weeks talking about things we frequently say (Nah, I Can't Do It. He's Too Nice.), things we frequently hear (If You're Still Single, That's On You!), and what those around us frequently expect (Peep Show vs. Privacy) and today is no different.

If it weren't for your expectation of me to write something, this whole page would be blank. Stark white and empty to symbolize my silence. I might throw in some cricket chirps or a gif of bored eye blinks to emphasize the depth of my silence, but that's it. That'd be my entire response to "How in the world are you single?" or some variation of that question.

I don't repeat these words mockingly. I repeat them with the same sincerity in which they're spoken because we're about to have a quick chit chat about this.

Everybody asks. Even single people ask other single people knowing full well we can barely answer the question ourselves, unless the answer is, "Because I want to be." And if we don't ask, we wonder. I'm certainly guilty of wondering.

The question is not rhetorical. It's a real inquiry where the inquisitor expects a real response that I can answer with the same precision that I can to why I haven't won the lottery. But if I were to try, here's the honest-to-God truth about why I'm single: I don't know. I don't know why my romantic numbers have not hit. 

I firmly believe that if it were my time in life to be a certain thing or in a certain place, I'd be it. And I am. I'm right here in the thick of my life just as it is, so instead of saying "I don't know" when I'm asked this all-too-common question, I expanded the answer a few years back. The expansion rests on my About Me page and in many of my posts. It's my official answer, it's my mantra, and it will continue to be until I'm no longer single or a wiser answer occurs to me. It's an answer that's as ambiguous as the question deserves, yet succinctly sums up the truth while respecting where I am now.

I contend that writing this will do the world no good in that it won't stop people from asking questions that stem from their curiosity and I accept that. So when they ask, "Why are you single?" I tell them the uncomplicated gospel. Because apparently it's not my time in life to be anything else.


Photo credit: Yousef AlSudais via CC Flickr