The A Through Z's Of Single Life

The A Through Z's Of Single Life

Single life is a mixture of sweet and sour, with a whopping dash of plain ole ordinariness thrown it. There are many things to love about single life, but there are also circumstances that can be challenging, if not inconvenient.

You'd have to be over 30 and single to truly understand that it's not all lonely, nor is it all pleasure and indulgence. It just is what it is, the A through Z's.

Autonomy. You reign supreme

Barrage of personal questions about your dating life

Cereal for dinner #awesome

Dry spells of dating

Eradicating bad habits and trying to create better ones

Fighting for control of the remote isn't an issue

Girls/Guys night out is pretty much every night...with yourself

Heel kicks of joy that you're not in a bad relationship

Invisibility. You're legit sexy, but seems you're presently the only one noticing

Journeying into another year with uncertainty about your future

Knowing exactly what you want and what the exceptions to the rules are

Lots of late nights at the office? No problem. Next up, promotion!

Me time for doing what makes you happy

No tax incentives

Options. The benefit of choices

Pride and trust in yourself as a person who stands on their own two feet

Quiet time for relaxing 

Regret about the one that got away

Shared bills? Nope. All you, chief

Trying online, blind, speed, co-worker, and traditional dating

Unshaven body parts for 3 days too long. No one's there to notice

Valentine's Day depression. "No one loves me," you cry! 

Wealth of perspective gained on life, people, and on re-imagining purpose

X-rated. The type of mythical dating experiences that you never have

Your quirky obsessions and hobbies don't get side-eyed or discouraged

Zzz...sleeping in whatever ugly pajamas you want. Wild morning hair. Snoring. Drooling. No judgement. Sweet!


Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via CC Flickr