Your Dreams Need This Now

Your Dreams Need This Now

This weekend I spent time with a friend who I look up to. 

He's one of the best at listening and offering meaningful feedback. More important, he believes in my dreams as much as I believe in them, and maybe on occasion, more.

As we sat talking on the patio near the restaurant where we'd just eaten, day shifted to night and a succession of yawning kicked in. Some time before my first yawn, it occurred to me how fortunate I was to have people like him in my life. People who not only support my vision, but stand up for it. Going so far as to defend my dreams against myself if I start to doubt or question my vision.  

In the absence of a spouse or a special someone, which might be considered built-in support, supportive friends play an important role in our lives. 

Self-assuredness--having faith in one's own abilities--is key to achievement, but I also understand human nature and what it means to become weary. You have a bad day or get disappointing news or have a blip of not feeling good about yourself, and it can put a dark cloud over self-belief.

That's where your supporters kick in. Reminding you, with conviction, of your ability to make things happen, plus holding on to your beliefs until you regain confidence. 

I don't take my supporters for granted or that I have them at all. Another of my friends says that her job as a friend is to encourage, not discourage, doubt, talk about what's unrealistic, or judge. Her job is simply to lift up another. How can you not be grateful for a friend like that?

If you aren't yet fortunate enough to have a tribe surrounding you with reassurance, cheering you on, turn to YouTube (which is pretty much my answer for nearly everything).

YouTube is the best place to find people who are doing things you want to do. Their stories and advice, via interviews, talks, and lectures will inspire you to move your vision forward. 

For my co-worker who spent her teenage years on the Pacific Coast, it was this video that reminded her to return to living her vision of surfing and living the beach lifestyle. 

The right kind of external support can boost your dreams. Find someone (besides yourself) or something, to confidently remind you of how capable you are, how your dreams are brilliant, and of what lies ahead if you continue walking towards the life that you want.


Photo credit: Pietro Izzo via CC Flickr