I Just Got Called Out!

I Just Got Called Out!

One of my ride-or-die, down-from-day-one readers called me out on something I should probably address with all TTG readers.

As you know, The Tended Garden publishes a new post every Tuesday morning at 7am (cst). It's been this way since February 10, 2015, the day of my first post

Only, this past Tuesday, you probably heard the chirping of crickets because I posted nothing.

I reverted to a 10-year old, thinking I could get away with not turning in my homework and hoping no one would notice, but just like I got caught back then, I got caught this time, too. Being slick still doesn't work. Dang!

In it's first year, the focus for The Tended Garden is high-quality content--words, formatting, structure, and image. I OBSESS over each one.

While marketing, likes, and data are all important, they come second to high-quality, well-meaning, thoughtful, positive, empowering, supportive, and really intelligent writing.

That type of writing is mostly missing from the singles landscape and I, as a writer and practitioner of all things wonderful, don't want to fit into the normal ranks.

With that said, I didn't post this past Tuesday because, frankly, the post was half-baked and average. I write what I want to read and my draft was unworthy of your time and attention. 

Don't worry, I've been sufficiently punished. I booed myself in disappointment before going to bed Monday night. Then got most appropriately called out this Wednesday morning, so all is well now.

I'm 5 months and 5 days new to blogging. Each of the 23 posts have taught me a different lesson. Today, my faithful reader helped me learn a lesson about communication.

I imagine that occasionally, for some reason or another, I'll be unable to meet my self-imposed deadline. But if that happens, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'm working on plan b so The Tended Garden always has a word to offer on Tuesdays.

Thanks so much for reading!  

See you on Tuesday at 7am in the garden :-) 



P.S. Are you enjoying the Oprah/Deepak meditation? If you haven't started, today is a great day to register since this is only day 3 of 21 days. Namaste!


Photo credit: Billy Brown via CC Flickr