Are You Content With Your Life?

Are You Content With Your Life?

When was the last time you desperately wanted something, worked for it, prayed for it, got it, was super excited about your victory, then became unhappy with it?

I'm talking about the dream job you landed that's now hard to get up for in the morning, the home you bought that always needs a new fix, the sweet baby you dreamed of that refuses you one full nights sleep, and a relationship that you were so excited about in the first days that turned dull.

This happens with me more often than I like to admit.

It's circa 1991 and I badly want a jheri curl. I get it, then am miserable about the globs of activator and plastic bag I have to wear on my head at night to maintain it.

With relationships, I've noticed that when single people get married, they become discontented with parts of their married lives. 

We see discontentment play out in other ways. The unknown person who complains of their anonymity and wishes for celebrity. They become famous and complain of their celebrity wishing for anonymity.

Or the person who finally gets the luxury vehicle they want, but are unhappy with the costly maintenance.

It seems that when we get exactly what we want, we still find reasons to be discontented.

Some singles are unhappy with their relationship status and make that their greatest life challenge, but that's not their challenge at all. Their real challenge--everybody's challenge--is being content exactly where they are. 

Being content is different from being complacent or stagnant. Contentment is peaceful happiness.

Being content doesn't mean sitting still, not progressing, and not improving your life. Being content means that you fully recognize the goodness of your life and are grateful for it, as it is. Can you intend to change your life and still be grateful? Absolutely yes. For singles, it means taking advantage of your Single Opportunities while keeping your life open to welcome in another person. 

Each role we play in life brings about new demands and stressors, but let's recognize that before we trick ourselves into believing that being someone's spouse will bring us the happiness we're pursuing. Our happiness is found within ourselves.

Choosing contentment is always going to be one of our greatest challenges throughout our lives, even after getting the things we want, so now is a good time to develop the skill of being content with our lives, just as it is right now.


Photo credit: Vee O via Unsplash