Experiencing Your Life As An Adventurer

Experiencing Your Life As An Adventurer

God, make me delusional. Amen.

I envision myself humiliating Serena Williams on the court as I practice my serves and volleys.

I wear gardening gloves as I care for my teeny tiny herbs in their mini clay pots. 

I get lost in a foreign city, Lucerne to be exact, but do I care? Nope. Because there's no such thing as a wrong turn (unless my feet hurt) because I'm an adventurer, an explorer, like Indiana Jones!

Clearly, God answers prayers for delusion.


I will never humiliate Serena Williams on a tennis court. I don't need gardening gloves or tools for my micro garden. And getting lost can be dangerous, if not frustrating. But one thing is true, I AM an adventurer and whether or not you see it in yourself, you probably are, too. 

Most of us think of adventure only in terms of danger and excitement, but adventure is also:
- Taking a risk
- A bold or uncertain undertaking
- Having the spirit of adventure

Having the spirit of adventure.


"Life is an adventure" is a common phrase. It sounds like the perfect pep talk, but the more I think about this phrase, the less I like it. It makes it seem as if we're passively along for the ride. Life is making decisions to send us here and there, and we're witnessing it unfold in front of us.

The truth is, we mostly get to choose our adventures so long as we choose to be adventurous. The greatest distinction between the "life is an adventure" phrase and how things really are is how we see ourselves--are we passengers along for the ride or are we putting ourselves in the driver's seat as an adventurer?

I'd like to think that life is not an adventure, but we are adventurers. We are explorers of our environments, relationships, and ourselves. I'd like to think that life is not yanking our hand and dragging us along, but we are deciding (or mustering up enough courage to begin deciding) to face life with openness, even when afraid. Having the spirit of adventure.

The ability to see an activity as an opportunity, the willingness to try something new, and the curiosity to explore is enough to make you an adventurer in my book!

You don't have to be Indiana Jones to embark on an adventure. And adventure isn't all adrenaline and excitement, you just have to have the right spirit. 

After polling friends on their definitions of fun, I've put together some ideas (along with the number of people good for tagging along, if any) if you want to try something new.

What's your idea of fun? Leave a comment. Don't be concerned with any of your favorite activities being considered "boring." I'm interested in your idea of fun. 

Wishing you a careful measure of reckless abandon!

Photo credit: The Tended Garden

Photo credit: The Tended Garden

Photo credits via CC Flickr - Cover: Paul J. Everett, Yoga: Dave Rosenblum, Bowl: Dorota Trupp, Restaurant: Jonathan Harford, Box: Tom Garnet, Plane: Roger Schultz, Garden: Brian J. Matis, Boat: Port of San Diego, Divers: Min Sheng Khoo

Other photo credits - Child: iFly, Bush: Kevin Mcdaniel via Detroit Free Press

S/O to friends who shared their ideas.