What We Really GAF About In Life

What We Really GAF About In Life

I'm the most unlikely candidate for this job because despite running a singles blog, I don't think about my relationship status most of the time. That's partially why I only post once a week. 

Lately I've been dreaming of going back to California for another shot at a roadtrip because the first one utterly blew my mind. I'm always planning vacations in my head or calculating my next culinary creation or selecting fruits and veggies to plant in my yet-to-be-planted backyard garden. For me, these aren't fantasies. They're things that I'll make happen in due time. 

Aside from dreaming, there's the actual doing of life. The working, the running errands, the executing plans, the going to the doctor, the cooking and cleaning, and the making time for friends and family. The minutia.

Singleness probably doesn't factor into our daily thought lives as much as things, people, and activities do; however, if we're not thinking about our single selves the majority of the time, then that leaves a minority of time when we are. 

It's just that every now and then, we need a sign of hope for the future. A seed. 

This time in our lives is so perfect for planting seeds and pulling weeds. Within a seed lies potential. Potential to blossom fruit, a flower, or metaphorically speaking, a life. Yet weeds are notorious for stealing resources from plants--hogging water, sunlight, and zapping nutrients from the soil. Pulling out weeds is as critical to the health of a garden as caring for plants. This is similar to life.

Living a single life is about living. Engrossing ourselves in the things we really give a f*&# about and doing them while we have no human distractions.

When I think about what it is to be single, I think about autonomy and freedom. I consider the things that make my heart pound just as hard as being in love. Most of them I'll be able to bring with me when I one day journey into togetherness, but a few things I'll leave behind. 

I don't subscribe to singles blogs or read a lot of singles articles (the few that I read are sent to me or posted by someone on Facebook whose reading taste I trust) because unless they're talking about our lives optimistically, respectfully, with a dash of adventure, heavy doses of everyday life normalcy, and humility--seeds that blossom life--they aren't talking about anything I GAF about.  


Photo credit: Farid Iqbal Ibrahim via CC Flickr

Note: To dispel any notion that I'm cool, I not-too-long-ago learned what GAF means. I sat there looking at the letters while my mind went through possible g words, a, then f words. I finally figured it out. Give A F*&#. I didn't even have to revert to Google or Urban Dictionary like usual. I eagerly anticipate what the internet comes up with next.