Stepping into others' singles experiences feeds my curiosity and is important to the work I do as a writer. It's interesting to know what's important to other singles, what worries them, what makes them happy and what they're completely over! 

Sometimes I run across things that fill me with pride in knowing that I'm a part of "them." This is one such occasion.

On a whim, I hop onto Twitter to see what's happening with my people. I randomly type in #singlelife because it seems like the most appropriate hashtag to use to research the happenings of...single life. 

I expect to find a gang of reflective thoughts and profound perspectives, and actually, that's exactly what I find. Just not in the way I imagine. 

What I find are tweets touching on singleness with humor, candor, and light-hearted cynicism--my favorites. And I know immediately that I must share.

As we close out 2015, I hope these tweets serve as a reminder of the universal experiences we live. There are times when our reality edges so close to ridiculous that it's comical.

#SingleLife should come with a bucket of popcorn and a large cherry icee for the times when #CoupleLife gets all extra dramatic.

Here's to hoping! #teamnoimaginarybae

Yep. I have a boyfriend, a fiancรฉ, a husband. My name is Leslie, Shirley, Ann...

We loooove love. We're not bitter. Really. No, for real.

Maybe the researchers are right about #singlelife being bad for the health?

Cheers to new prospects!

The best part of being single. No one there to judge. Do you.


We stay saving money! Keep flossin'.

Don't do it, girl! Preserve your sexy. Ok. Maybe just one. That one there...with the rainbow sprinkles.

Sooo that's what happened!



Photo credit: Orman Clark via CC Flickr