Give Thanks. For Being Awesome.

Give Thanks. For Being Awesome.

By now you probably know that I'm obsessed with being thankful in all things. So much so that I occasionally get on my own nerves.

There are days I just don't want to be thankful. I want to complain about having to do the laundry and my hair, or dread the drive across town to see my dad, or roll my eyes if I have to park waaay in the back of the parking lot. Then I feel like a jerk and go back to being thankful.

Gratitude is so much a practice for me that I default to it. But still, the Pollyanna part of my personality irks my curmudgeon side sometimes, which is why I refuse to tell you to be thankful on Thanksgiving.

You've heard it enough from me already. Plus, I'll say it like 2 or 3 more times before the year is over, so I don't want to wear you out just yet. You've also heard it about 257 times by now in ads, at work, on Facebook, and everywhere else.

So, not to be flippant about Thanksgiving or give you the false impression that I don't want you to be thankful, but my light-hearted message to you today is to just continue to be awesome. 

In keeping up with my fellow single friends on Facebook, I saw that a friend completed a 25k run. That's so many k's that I had to look it up. 15.53 miles!

Another friend just got back from traveling outside the country. I haven't checked in with him yet, but judging by one photo, I'd say he had a nice time.

Yet another of my terribly brilliant friends stays not giving a rat's tail about what others think of her. I have a soft spot for people like her who believe in themselves. 

And these are my single peeps on a normal day. Being awesome in understated ways. Quietly inspiring myself and others. Keeping their heads down--focused on taking care of business, living life, and making the most of their time on earth. I bet your friends are the same way.

Life can be so astonishingly routine that we take for granted how awesome we are. 

Take for instance my late Grandmother. She'd cook the entire Thanksgiving meal for many-a-hungry, eagerly anticipating folk. Now that she's gone, it takes three of us to do less than what she did. I wonder if she knew how magnificent she was.

I'm starting to feel something bubble up inside me and I can't hold it in any longer. Be grateful! Sorry. I tried to contain it. 

Give thanks, but mostly on this special holiday, continue doing what you do, no matter how routine, to be awesome. Your loved ones appreciate you for it and the rest of us are inspired by it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo credit: Ginny via CC Flickr